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Keep it clean.  Keep it safe.

Whether you're cleaning up a lawn or a parking lot, our NailHound™ magnetic sweepers will find any ferrous metal objects such as nails, screws, pieces of metal, tools, etc. 

We're sure to have a size and style to meet your needs. We offer wheeled units with and without removable magnet bars, and units on wheels with an auto-release capability.  If a hand held unit is more appealing, we manufacture units with a stationary bar and another hand held unit with an auto-release mechanism.  For larger projects, we manufacture units for trucks or forklifts.  

All of our products are proudly made in the USA.

Continuous R&D coupled with the highest quality parts and skilled fabricators means that when you purchase a NailHound™ you get the best magnetic sweeper available. We strive to make quality products that work and last! Ceramic "lifetime" magnets in aluminum housings and steel hub wheels with rubber tires help us meet that goal.  

Because we want all of our NailHound™ customers to be "Repeat Customers" we offer:

Quality products that perform - satisfaction guaranteed.
Easy assembly.

Powerful lifetime magnets 

Comfortable handle design.

No hassle repair, replace or refund policy.

Competitive prices. 

Liberal freight terms. 

The best product at a competitive price, with a no-hassle guarantee.

With a Superior Magnetic Products NailHound™, you can't lose!

The NailHound™ Product Line



How long will the magnets hold their magnetism?
The magnet industry refers to them as "lifetime magnets." Our NailHound™ magnets don't lose their charge.

How strong are the magnets?
Magnet strength is rated in Gauss.  To simplify, we rate units by how much weight they will actually hold up when attached to steel plates.  

"Unit Pick-up Pounds"
24" auto-release - 60-70 lbs.
24" super - 60-70 lbs.
hand-held auto-release - 30-40 lbs

Can I buy replacement parts?
Yes, whatever you need.

Can I order custom lengths?
The "Super" NailHound™ unit and the forklift unit can be made to custom lengths.

What if I have a problem or just don't like the product?
Return your NailHound™ magnetic sweeper to the place of purchase.  We have a no-hassle repair, replace or refund policy for 90 days.  Manufacturing defects are covered for one year.

Where can I buy the NailHound™ Products?
NailHound™ is manufactured exclusively in the USA, so just ask about us at your favorite roofing or building supply store.  If they don't carry our NailHound™ magnetic sweepers, they can contact Superior Magnetic Products at  

Feel free to call us at (804) 752-7897 and we will direct you to the closest supplier of our products 

Our Promises to You

Liberal freight terms with next day shipping on most orders

No hassle return policy

90 day warranty

Most parts can be individually replaced

Quality you can see & performance you can feel

Service you can count on & prices you can live with

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